July 29, 2015

Reasons Patients Like Metal-Free Dentistry

womansurprisedDoes is seem like you hear an awful lot about how important it is to receive metal-free dentistry when you seek professional care for your smile? Do you know what this term means or do you simply assume it must be safe and effective? Perhaps you’re interested in learning more about why we offer this focused approach to dental care and wonder why receiving restorations that do not include metal is so important. If so, we are ready to provide you with some particular reasons patients like the metal-free option (and we have a feeling you just might like it, too).

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July 24, 2015

Kelly Clarkson and Pentatonix Live In Concert

concerthandsDo you have trouble deciding which is more impressive? Kelly Clarkson’s near-supernatural ability to belt out notes with exceptional pitch? Or the beautiful, expansive sound of the harmonies created by the Pentatonix? Fortunately, at this upcoming event, you won’t have to choose.

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