January 17, 2015

Ready for Teeth Whitening?

smileglassessweaterDo you feel like your smile is causing you to look older than your true age? A discolored smile can cause you to look older because we associate vibrant, white smiles with youthful teeth. Rather than suffering with a smile that you feel embarrassed to show others, we encourage you to consider the benefits of teeth whitening. Whether you suffer from allover yellowing or problematic stains, if you feel you’re ready for whitening, read ahead to learn more about this wonderful cosmetic treatment:

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January 10, 2015

FAQs: What is Root Canal Therapy?

root canal

Do you feel apprehensive when you hear the words “root canal”? Unfortunately, this is a common reaction as misinformation and exaggeration have cast a negative pall over this safe and crucial procedure. In fact, root canal therapy is essential for preventing the need for extraction in many cases. So, what is root canal therapy?

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