September 5, 2015

Need a Filling? Learn About Your Metal-Free Options

Tooth Colored Fillings for Smile RestorationAh, “cavity,” that dreaded word. No one enjoys getting the news that his tooth is in a state of decay. Many people immediately think of shiny gold smiles, and worry about the esthetic impact of having a dental filling to restore the damage that has been done. But, modern dentistry offers an alternative to metallic restorations, in the form of tooth-colored fillings. Not only do these fillings bond better with your teeth, they make for a beautiful way to restore a smile that’s been affected by a cavity. Continue reading

September 4, 2015

Experiencing Discomfort? It Might be Time for Restorative Treatment

Pain? Restorative TreatmentIt’s common for people to want to avoid the dentist, especially when they know they have some kind of oral health problem. If you suspect you might have a dental problem, such as a cavity or early signs of gum disease, though, it becomes all the more important to schedule a dental appointment. That’s because restorative care is crucial to eliminating problems before they worsen, and it can actually help prevent more invasive dental treatment from becoming necessary. If you want to keep your smile both healthy and beautiful, it’s crucial to seek restorative dental treatment at the first sign of trouble. Continue reading


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